 Sex reassignment Surgery

Female to Male

Top surgery/Mastectomy 

Q1. How is it done?
A1. Your breasts will be excised leaving a horizontal scar of 8cm over both sides of the chest. Your nipple-areola complex will be applied as a full thickness skin graft.
Q2. Post-op management?
A2. A dressing will be applied over nipple areola complex which will be opened on the 10th day after surgery. Your stitches will be removed 15days after surgery.
Q3. What paperwork is needed?
A3. You need to get 2 consultations

  •   Psychologist- diagnosing u to be having gender dysphoria and fit to undergo the procedure

  •   Endocrinologist – advising the hormonal therapy planned for you.

Male to female

Top surgery /Breast implant insertion

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. Which size implant will be used?
A1. The choice of implant size depends on your body stature and varies from 300 to 350 ml. Q2. Where will the implant be inserted?
A2. The implants are inserted in the subfascial plane.
Q3. Will it be scarless?
A3. A 3 cm incision will be used to insert implants . The scar gets hidden under the breast surface and lies in the inferior mammary fold.
Q4.Which implant do you use?
A4. All implants used are FDA approved. If u have any prefernce u can buy them urself and we will insert them.
Q4. When can i join back / start working?
A4. You can join back work on the 4th day after surgery.
Q5. Instructions for post-op?
A5. You will be wearing a sports bra for 6 weeks after surgery. Stitch removal will be done on 15th day after surgery.
Q6. Are they permanent?
A6. They can be used life long if no complications arise. Usually, they do need to be changed after 15years.
Q7. What are the complications or side effects?
A7. Infection, Haematoma- Short term

Capsular contracture, leakage – Long term(Will be replaced )

 Male genitalia surgery
Penile Lengthening
Penile Girth increase
Penile lengthening plus girth increase 

Q1. How much gain in length occurs? A1. 0.5 cm to 2.5 cm increase in length

Q2. Will there be a scar?
A2. There will be a 4cm scar at the base of penis, which fades over time and isn’t visible in the pubic hair.

Q3. How will the increase in girth occur?

A3. Fat is harvested by liposuction from tummy / trochanter area. It is converted to nanofat and injected into subcutaneous plane over the circumference of penis.

Q4.When can I have intercourse again?
A4. You can start after 6weeks have gone by.

Q5. Post –op course of events..?
A5. You will be operated under general anaesthesia . Procedure will last 2hours . You will be admitted over night and discharged after dressing in the morning.