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Laser Hair Removal as Adjunct to Surgery for Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal Sinus disease is a common condition, can present as routine cyst with abscess to extensive chronic infection and sinus formation. Pilonidal sinus arises in the hair follicles in the gluteal or natal cleft. At monaris skin clinic defence colony we have recently seen in increased number of young male boys undergoing Laser hair removal post surgery of pilonidal sinus. PNS treatment require the eradication of the sinus tract, complete healing of the overlying skin and prevention of recurrence.

Most cases of Pilonidal sinus have extensive growth in natal cleft and near by areas. Laser hair removal from that area after surgery has reduced recurrence of PNS significantly. Earlier mostly recommended procedure was to shave the area weekly to prevent hair growth.Excessive hair growth in the natal cleft is thought to be a key factor in initiating these abscesses and their recurrence. Hair are often found trapped in the base of pilonidal wounds. Recurrence is common and many cases are difficult to heal. Patient usually finds it difficult to shave natal cleft area.Patients often find that recurrence is delayed if the hair-free interval is prolonged. Blade shaving leads to cuts and rashes and can be done by other person only.

Laser hair removal at Monaris skin and hair clinic uses soprano Laser for hair removal. A disposable hygiene tip is used with the laser for the procedure. Doctor should ensure that the surgical wound is completely healed before starting the procedure. Its possible to feel some pain in initial sessions which can be managed by using SHR mode in laser.Overall effect of hair removal in Pilonidal sinus is proven. Patients are advised to choose their laser clinic carefully to prevent complications post laser.

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