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Indian names for FUE Hair Transplant

Recently got a message from patient asking about MHI technique.I told him I never heard about it.Then he asked about BioFUE .I said again don’t know about it but should be something related to FUE.I told him I know only two techniques for hair transplant one FUT and the other FUE.India and Indian hair transplant clinics are fascinated about new names for hair transplant. It’s a general feeling that if anything other then FUE is told to patients they will think it’s some new discovery. So now every clinic have its own name to FUE.so DHI,robotic,MHI,BioFUE,bio stimulated FUE,FUSE,I perfect,are all Same and FUE only. All international companies have their own researched modification of FUE but it doesn’t make it some other technology.

Most of the clinics which are transparent will inform their clients and will not charge differently for different FUE.Like alviarmani some of the clinics add PRP to their procedures on demand of patients free of cost.Role of PRP in hair transplant is still questionable.

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