Full Body


Love handles


Chest /Breast Back


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Duration of surgery?


 Full Body – 4 to 5 hours

 Abdomen – 2 hours

 Love Handles – 1 hour

 Thighs -1 hr

 Arms – 1 hour

 Chest – 1 hour

 Back- 1 hour

Q2.When will the final results be seen?

 Immediate results on the table. Fluid accumulation/edema will subside in 10 days.


Q3. Incisions or stitches?

A3. Small 0.5cm incisions for liposuction cannula to enter.

Q4. Follow up and Recovery?

A4. To come for a change of dressing after the day of discharge.

Medications will continue for 1 week after surgery.

Stitch removal after 15 days of surgery.

Have to wear compression garments for

6weeks after surgery.

Q.5 Side Effects?

A.5. Bruising can occur which will disappear within 2 weeks

Mild pain will be covered with pain killers.

Q.6 When to resume work/exercise?

A.6 Join back after 3rd day. Resume cardio exercises after one 1week. Heavy weight lifting after 3 weeks of the procedure.