Full Body


Love handles


Chest /Breast Back


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Duration of surgery?


 Full Body – 4 to 5 hours

 Abdomen – 2 hours

 Love Handles – 1 hour

 Thighs -1 hr

 Arms – 1 hour

 Chest – 1 hour

 Back- 1 hour

Q2.When will the final results be seen?

 Immediate results on table. Fluid accumulation / edema will subside in 10 days.


Q3. Incisions or stitches?
3. Small 0.5cm incisions for liposuction cannula to enter.

Q4. Follow up and Recovery?
A4. To come for change of dressing after the day of discharge.

Medications will continue for 1 week after surgery.

Stitch removal after 15 days of surgery.

Have to wear compression garments for

6weeks after surgery.

Q.5 Side Effects?
A.5 Bruising can occur which will disappear within 2 weeks

Mild pain which will be covered with pain killers.

Q.6 When to resume work/exercise?

A.6 Join back after 3rd day. Resume cardio exercises after 1week. Heavy weight lifting after 3 weeks of the procedure.