Female genitalia rejuvenation surgery

Vaginal Tightening 
Vaginal Tightening plus Hymenoplasty

  • Frequently asked Questions

Q1. Difference between hymenoplasty and vaginal tightening?

A1. Hymenoplasty is revirginization which involves repairing torn hymenal tags back. Suitable for girls about to get married
       Vaginoplasty involves decreasing the lumen of the vagina for a more pleasurable experience for you and your partner.

Q2. What time is suitable for undergoing the procedure?

A2. You can undergo the procedure from the 6th day of your menstrual cycle up to the 21st day.

       For hymenoplasty, a minimum of 2 weeks before marriage.

       For vaginoplasty, 2 months before marriage.

Q3. When can we do sexual intercourse after the procedure?

A3. Hymenoplasty – after 2weeks

      Vaginoplasty – 8 weeks after the procedure.

Q4. How much time do we have to stay in the hospital?

A4. The procedure lasts for 1hr. You will be under observation for 4 hours and then u can go back home. To come for follow-up at the end of one 1week.

Q5. When can we go back to work?

A5. You need 2 days off from work .. begin your normal activity from 3rd day...

Q6. When can we sit cross-legged or ride a bike?

A6.   You can do that after 1 week.