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Looking for a smooth wrinkle free skin? Botox is the right treatment for you.Botox is NO.1 Cosmetic procedure around the world and Monaris skin clinic is the top Botox clinic in Delhi and Indore.Botox is a medicine and is Injected in the skin superficially to relax the muscle.Its important to consult your Doctor for this treatment.Following are the common questions people may have regarding Botox treatment in Delhi Ncr.


1.How Botox will help me in removing my wrinkles?

Whenever your muscle contracts it releases substance called acetylcholine which produces wrinkles on face. Botox Injection reduces secretion of acetylcholine and reduces formation of wrinkles. Reduced Formation of wrinkles also reduces the habit of expression like frowning while reading, raising eyebrows while talking and excessive involuntary use of expression muscles. So in short after doing Botox even if you don't repeat it you have less wrinkles on face.

2.How long the Botox result will last?

Botox results depends on the number of units used.If less number of units are used then the effect will last less but if adequate units are used result may last up-to 6 months.

3. What treatments can be done with Botox

Botox can be used to treat the following Indication

1. Hyperhidrosis or Excessive sweating- Many people have excessive sweating of palms and soles and few of them have excessive underarms sweating. These are due to excessive secretions from sweat glands. Patients with such condition can develop frequent infections, difficulty in day to day work and Smelly underarms. Botox temporarily relieves these symptoms and it can be repeated every 6 month to a year.

2.Crow's Feet - This is the area around the eyes where lots of wrinkles comes during smile. Crow's feet are less visible in Dark skin compared to white skin.Botox relaxes muscle around eyes giving a refreshed and younger look. Botox procedure for crow's feet is simple fast and painless. Patients can immediately resume work after the procedure.


3.Forehead Creases- Forehead wrinkles or creases comes on expression. With age most of the creases becomes deep. After few years there are permanent crease on the forehead even when there is no expression. Forehead creases are one of the most common reason to look older. Botox not only prevents these creases but reduces creases which are already permanent. Small Dose of Botox is required to remove these creases.Its equally effective in males and females.

4.Frown Lines - Frown lines are the lines in between the eyebrows and are one of the most common expression lines. Frowning gives angry look on face and at times its misunderstood by people. People also have a habit of frowning while reading , driving etc. These lines can be reduced or removed using botox. Sometimes Dermal Fillers are used along with Botox to fill up the lines if they are deep enough.

4.What are the side effects of Botox treatment.

Botox or Botulinum Toxin type A is safe and most effective. Mild local side effects can happen and are temporarily.Its important to do botox at certified clinic with Experienced Doctor / Dermatologist.

Local side effects

  • Brusing

  • pain at the injection site

  • muscle weakness

Other rare side effects due to wrong injection site

  • Slurred speech

  • Difficult in breathing

  • Muscle weakness

  • Difficulty in swallowing

  • Ptosis 

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