Monaris Skin & Hair Clinic


Monaris offers world-class cosmetic dermatology, skin maintenance and restoration treatments, weight management programs and anti-ageing  treatments. We strive to offer services using the best in innovative treatments with personalised care.


Monaris Skin and  Hair transplant Clinic was established in year ‘2012’ with a view to provide innovative treatments and impart superior patient care. Monaris Skin and  Hair transplant Clinic provides international quality treatments with the latest technological advances.


Monaris Skin Hair Clinic is a reliable name for skin and hair treatments having accumulated this good over the past 7 years. We are critically acclaimed in the fields of hair restoration and skin care, gaining a definitive edge over the other commercial centers. Going above and beyond in research and innovation, we pride ourselves in patented techniques.

Headed by Dr. Arihant Surana, the clinic aims to provide world class treatments at extremely affordable prices. Our results are natural, long lasting and have no side effects. Our techniques are unique with patients experiencing no pain during Treatment.

Our expert panel provides elaborate consultation to address the needs of a patient to derive the best possible treatment for their problem. The atmosphere in our clinic is warm and our staff is very humble and friendly. We provides extremely satisfying results.

Why Choose Monaris

People choose cosmetic treatments for a variety of reasons and these decisions are purely personal. But one thing is common within all reasons – the expectations. People expect realistic and quality results.

Experience – Dr. Arihant Surana  has been performing hair transplant and Skin Care procedures for over 12 years. He credits himself more than 2500 hair transplants and more than 400 Skin Care issues

Quality – Monaris Skin and  Hair Transplant  Clinic has testimonials to their quality and Satisfying results that are provided at the clinic


Safety and facility – A large part of a cosmetic clinic’s procedure depends on the technique. Dr. Arihant Surana uses unique and painless methodologies.


Customer service – Monaris Skin and Hair Transplant Clinic Staff is friendly and helpful at all stages. They are trained to quote fully and provide prompt replies to patient’s queries.